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Flat Un-Insulated Access Door

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The range of HAS inspection doors are designed to provide inexpensive and maintenance free access to all in-duct equipment for inspection, servicing and duct cleaning. Manufactured from high quality galvanised, stainless steel or aluminium all HAS doors can be easily installed on either rectangular or circular ductwork. Available in various sizes, from hand to full body access, each unit is supplied with a self-adhesive cutting template eliminating the need for measuring or marking out.

Special Features
• Suitable for low, medium and high-pressure applications.
• Available in galvanised, aluminium or stainless steel materials.
• Locking nuts prevent separation of inner and outer panels.
• Circular doors suitable for spiral and straight seamed ducts with a size range of 80mm to 1000mm Ø.
• Easy site fix – No sealant or fixings required.
• Optional protective edge moulding and retaining cable are available.

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