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The slide-on HAS UK Profile Flange facilitates rapid and accurate assembly of joints and incorporates a number of significant design features that set it apart as a market leader in flange technology.

The cantilever action on the duct and the offset corner noses for even pressure all round the face of the flange, ensure accurate assembly and sealing. In-line injection of mastic into the flange ensures that the edge of the duct is firmly bedded into the sealant. All this, combined with square hole fixing points, enables fast, single handed installation, an important breakthrough when working at height or in restricted spaces.

The HAS UK Profile Flange is available in four international standard sizes (TF20, TF30 & TF40) and a choice of material gauge to suit every application.

The HAS UK Profile Flange range fully conforms to DW144, the UK HVCA Specification, and has been tested and certified by BSRIA in relation to the DW/TM1 test procedures for the HVCA. It should be noted that the requirements of J1, J2 and J3 were met without dimpling the corners. Rated to J6 and pressure classes A, B and C, the UK Profile Flange range is the only one you’ll need to specify.

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