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Fire Rated Supply Valve

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Designed to keep cost levels to a minimum whilst offering a robust and attractive appearance HAS steel supply valves are ideal for virtually any application. Simple regulation of the airflow is achieved by rotating the inner cone to the correct setting and locking into place with a single nut. For cleaning purposes the unit can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced without affecting the adjustment of the valve.

The mounting ring should be secured in position, the valve can then be fixed by a screw action to locate the valve lugs into grooves in the mounting ring itself.

The HAS supply valve is manufactured from a high quality sheet steel, stove enamelled in white. To help prevent air leakage the valve body has a cellular plastic gasket to form an airtight seal with the mounting ring. Every valve is supplied with a galvanised mounting ring and a measuring data sheet to facilitate accurate adjustment.

Tested to BS476 part 20 with 2-hour fire rating.

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