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Aluminium Acoustic Flexible Ducting

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HASFLEX ML is a range of fully flexible thermal and acoustic insulated ducting which has been specially designed for the HVAC market. The vapour barrier prevents condensation forming on the outside of ducts carrying air at lower temperatures than the surrounding air. The HASFLEX ML range has been developed to reduce cross talk and noise generated by in-duct components and offers a very high degree of sound adsorption. Pressure loss and insertion loss date are available upon request.

HASFLEX ML is constructed using a micro perforated HASFLEX MU inner duct (covered with a protective film to prevent the glassfibre entering the airstream), 25mm or 50mm fibreglass insulation and a vapour barrier jacket. The jacket is a spirally produced multi-layer aluminium polyester laminated fabric reinforced with fibreglass yarn, which provides an outstanding combination of strength and tear resistance.

• Can be easily cut at the required length
• Supplied in standard 10 metre length, compressed to 1.2 metre
• Individually boxed
• Easy to connect to either round or oval ducting
• No special tools required for cutting or fixing
• In the event of a fire no toxic gases are emitted
• The products have been successfully tested for fire resistance and conforms to BS476 Parts 6, 7 & 20
• No migration of glassfibre particles into the airstream

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